Je hebt gekozen voor: Brain
Naam: Brian "Brain" Mantia

Geboren in: Cupertino, CA

Instrument: Drums

Bands: Primus (1996-2000), M.I.R.V, Caca, Praxis, MCM, The Limbomaniacs, Godflesh

Bij GN'R Sinds: 2000

(o.a.) Opgenomen met: Tom Waits, Chris Isaak and George Clinton.

Overige info: Gestudeerd op the Percussion Institute of Technology (PIT) in Hollywood, CA.

DrumsTony Williams Red Lacquer w/ Custom Yellow Hardware
18x24 Collector's Bass Drum-maple
8x12,9x13 Collector's Toms
16x16,16x18 Collector's Fl Toms w/ Legs
6x14 Edge Snare

Dw Hardware:

Pedals and Hardware
5000AD Accelerator Delta Bass Drum Pedal
5500TD Turbo Delta Hi-Hat
9300 Snare Stand
9700 Straight/Boom Cymbal Stand (x6)
9900 Double Tom Stand (x2)
9100 Throne

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